Top Pregnancy Apps for You and Your Bundle of Joy

29th Oct 2014

There are hundred of apps out there for just about everything you can think of. There are mobile apps for everything from serious couponing to seeing what you were up to 5 years ago.

TopPregThere’s tons of information for expecting mothers and compiling it can seem overwhelming. However, keeping track of important pregnancy information is becoming easier and easier. Mobile apps open up a whole new world for anxious new mom because we are able to use them basically whenever we want, all of the information that they need is in one place, and there are always new ones being released.

Here is a list of my three favorite pregnancy apps:

  1. BabyBump Free: Babybump is a free app that lets expecting mothers keep track of their pregnancy. It delivers weekly information and pictures about your baby’s progress and helps you keep track of your daily weight gain and symptoms all for free! The app also serves as a social network for new and expecting moms, which is really great.
  2. BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today: BabyCenter is one of the most respected names in the pregnancy world. They have a number of apps but my favorite one is My Pregnancy Today. When I was pregnant, it helped me keep track of the way my body was changing, fetal development, my pregnancy checklist, and a number of other important things. This app gives you BabyCenter’s advice, on the go and for free!
  3. Pregnancy Due Date and Fertility Calculator: This app is a vital tool for every women that is trying to get pregnant and for ladies that already are. For women that are trying, this app helps you calculate your ovulation and fertility days. My favorite part is that the app even sends you a notification to remind you to make love when you’re ovulating. For already pregnant women, the app helps you keep up-to-date on essential pregnancy tests and about important pregnancy events and milestones. I also like this app because Dr. Amos Grunebaum, a well-known OB/GYN that is in collaboration with, created it.Which pregnancy apps are your favorites? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below!

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