Top Pregnancy Apps for You and Your Bundle of Joy

Oct 2018

There are hundred of apps out there for just about everything you can think of. There are mobile apps for everything from serious couponing to seeing what you were up to 5 years ago. There’s tons of information for expecting mothers and compiling it can seem overwhelming. However, keeping track of important pregnancy information is

The Perks of Being Pregnant During Autumn

Aug 2018

Have you ever been pregnant during fall? This season brings a number of amazing opportunities for pregnant women; it’s the prefect season to have a bun in the oven! Throughout life, it’s extremely important to get the recommended amount of fruits and veggies. However, during pregnancy, it is even more important. You’re now eating for

5 Nutritional Foods to Eat When Pregnant

Aug 2018

Nutrition is always important but it becomes even more important when you are pregnant. A women’s diet needs to provide enough energy and nutrients for herself as well as the baby. This means that pregnant women need a balanced and nutritious diet. Having a balanced diet means consuming the correct amounts of carbohydrates and fats,

What Celebrities are Expecting in 2014?

Aug 2018

2014 seems to be a big year for celebrity pregnancies. We could name off hundreds of expecting celebrities but we will just start with the 6 most exciting: Quiet possibly the most handsome actor in the world; Ryan Gosling and his beautiful Eva Mendez are due later this year. Sorry ladies! This rumor has been

Top 5 Stores for Maternity Activewear

Aug 2018

Let’s face it, shopping is not always the relaxing pastime that people make it out to be, especially when pregnant. Your body is changing and it is difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. I don’t have to ability to shop for you but I can point you in the right direction.   When

4D Ultrasound Cost

Jul 2018

4D ultrasounds are becoming more and more popular. In the past, most expecting mothers opted for a 3D or even 2D ultrasound; however, times are changing. What is a 4D ultrasound? 4D and 3D ultrasounds have a number of similarities; they both provide an inside look at your unborn baby. On the other hand, there

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