How to Pick Your Baby’s Name

21st Sep 2014

Choosing a baby name is one of the most difficult parts about being pregnant. There are so many options to choose from; it can be overwhelming!

Some couples have had a name picked out before they got pregnant, which is amazing. However, don’t worry if you’re one of the many that haven’t been able to agree on the baby’s name by the second trimester. You’re not alone.

babyStarting Out

Start thinking about what you’d like to name your baby as soon as possible. It is best to make lists of girl and boy names and then talk about them with your partner. It is important for the two of you to be on the same page when it comes to the baby’s name; it will prevent you from being that couple that’s talking about it during labor.

See where your partner stands on baby names and take his suggestions seriously.  A ton of family members and friends are going to be shouting suggestions at the two of you as well. This could be good or bad, depending on their thoughts. Although it is important to consider them, don’t be afraid to say, “thanks but no thanks!”

Baby Name Resources

There are about a million baby name books, websites, and articles available to every expecting couple. This may seem overwhelming, but it is critical to take advantage of all of these resources.

A free baby name finder that I found really useful during my pregnancy is with  I especially like this resource because it allows you to search for boy or girl names by origin, meaning, number of syllables, and first letter. The website also offers a chart that shows the top baby names for that specific day.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Your Baby’s Name?

Initials and nicknames. My parents named me Rebecca. Growing up, a lot of my teachers and friends wanted to call be Becky or Becca, which my parents hated. This can’t be avoided all of the time but think ahead about what nicknames people might come up with. You need to also be conscious of initials. What do they spell out?


Meaning and heritage. Every name has a meaning and an origin. For example, Rebecca comes from Hebrew and means tied. Beyond that, you may consider a name that reflects your daughter or sons heritage. If you love a name, but it doesn’t fit with your family’s traditions, consider using it as their middle name.

Uniqueness. An unusual name can help your child to standing out; however, it is important to think about how unusual the name is too. I have a cousin named Aryca, as in Erica. A surprising large amount of people butcher it and she was never able to have her name on a pen or anything like that as a child. On the other hand, choosing a very common name can be difficult as well, especially when 4 other kids in their class share the same name. It is important to find a balance between extremely unique and extremely common.

Bottom Line

These aren’t strict rules. In the end, the most important part about choosing a baby name is that you and your partner like it!

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