5 Awesome Things About Being Pregnant

17th Aug 2014

Let’s face it; being pregnant isn’t easy. It consists of 9 long, hot, stressful months but don’t worry – there’s such a thing as pregnancy perks!

1. People Will Offer you Their Seats
I’m not saying everyone will give up their seats, but the considerate ones usually will. This means that if you happen to find yourself on a bus, train or any other busy public place, you are more than likely going to be able to have a seat. There are certain times (like when an 80 year old man with a cane offers you their seat) that you just don’t feel comfortable taking it but it is nice for people to offer.

2. You are Expected to Eat a Lot and Have Cravings
Anyone that has ever experienced pregnancy knows that cravings are a very serious thing. Being pregnant gives you the right to eat pickles at 9AM if that’s what you want. For 9 months, you have the right to eat whatever you want and not feel guilty.

3. You Can Crybaby
This might not work if you cry a lot without being pregnant but it’s a great excuse. Being pregnant does some crazy hormonal things to the body and extensive crying is one of them. I dare you to watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy while pregnant and not cry. Blame it on the hormones!

4. People Are Nicer
Having a big, beautiful round belly must change people. With my first pregnancy, I noticed that random people smiled at me all the time. I loved it! I think strangers love the idea of silent children and this is one of the perfect times for that, which might bring on all of the smiles. Whatever the reason is, the kindness in random people makes me happier too.

5. The Mystifying Glow
Being pregnant does something marvelous to the body. People are being serious when they say that your hair looks luscious, your skin is glowing, and that your eyes are sparkling. Embrace it!

Pregnancy isn’t always the most luxurious time in your life but it is one of the most amazing, rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. When you’re mad about the weight gain and tired of morning sickness, remind yourself to think of all of the wonderful perks that come with being pregnant.

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