4D Ultrasound Pictures

20th Jul 2014

Are you having a baby soon and can’t decide between an optional 2D, 3D, or 4D ultrasound scan? Meeting your baby for the first time is an amazing, unforgettable experience. 2D scans produce black and white images, which contain swirls that somewhat distort the image. The swirls make it difficult to define different parts of the body; however, with the help of a professional, the image may appear to be clear. 3D and 4D ultrasound scans make it much easier to define the baby’s body and appear in color.

4D ultrasounds are the future of ultrasound technology

The 21st century has brought many amazing changes when it comes to the machinery and know-how used for this type of scan. When referring to ultrasounds, 4D signifies that motion has been added to the still 3D image. 4D ultrasound pictures are actually videos, which is an effect of continuous 3D scans of the baby from a number of angles.

4D ultrasound picture scans allow expecting mothers to be able to view their baby’s first movements. With this technology, parents can see their child’s first giggle, wave, and smile.

4D ultrasound pictures resemble a slideshow; it is a series of many pictures that have been put together to reflect movement and actions. More often than not, facilities deliver the color video to their customers via a DVD.

As technology advances, so does 4D ultrasounds. It is important for you to consider all of your options, if you are looking to get a 4D ultrasound. Advanced facilities are starting to offer 4D ultrasound pictures in HD LIVE. HD live allows for better quality, higher resolution, and more details in the pictures and videos.

Many facilities offer ultrasounds starting at 8 weeks. A number of companies recommend having an ultrasound before 30 weeks, due to quality. However, there are some facilities that will do an ultrasound all the way until full term.

4D ultrasound pictures allow expecting mothers and fathers to be able to get to know their baby before they are even more. This technology makes it possible to see the baby’s very first actions, smiles, and laughs. These are the moments that you will never forget.

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