3D Ultrasound Pictures

20th Jul 2014

Ultrasound technology is constantly growing and changing. The 20th century brought the most common ultrasound, which is in 2D. 2D ultrasounds allow expecting mothers the option to meet their baby via black and white stills. However, 3D ultrasound pictures are becoming more available due to improving technology.

Different Between 2D and 3D ultrasound pictures:

3D ultrasound pictures differ from 2D because they are in color, instead of black and white, and the image provides added clarity. As you can see from the picture, 3D pictures can be extremely accurate. The ultrasound picture of the baby was taken around 28 weeks, while the picture on the right was taken just after he was born. The nose in the ultrasound picture matches the actual picture almost perfectly!

3D 4D Ultrasound Technology:

3D scans (and even 4D) are becoming much more popular; however, they are not offered at every location. More often than not 3D picture scans are only found in pregnancy centers that cater to high-risk cases.

The quality of 3D ultrasound pictures can fluctuate depending on how far along the mother is. Most professionals recommend getting an ultrasound between 26 and 30 weeks. One can get an ultrasound before and after the recommended time; however, the baby’s features might not be projected as accurately. According to studies, the 28th week will deliver the best 3D ultrasound pictures.

3D ultrasounds provide an amazing experience that allows expecting parents to be able to meet their baby, weeks before they are born. The pictures project the baby’s key features in a way that 2D ultrasounds cannot. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that viewing this type of ultrasound can lead to noticeable improvements in maternal health habits and family dynamics.

Lastly, 3D ultrasounds are extremely affordable. Most facilities have basic packages starting around $50, which includes pictures and gender determination. More expensive packages usually come with two ultrasound visits and a higher picture volume.

Now that technology is evolving, do you think you will have a 3D or 2D ultrasound scan for your next pregnancy? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below!

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